Monday, May 23, 2011


I buy the dogs frozen bones from a ritzy spoiled pet boutique near my house. Bones cost $3.50 apiece and even though I know it is ridiculous, I buy them. Bones are a nice treat and also a great distraction when I have to get something done and want to keep them occupied. The frozen kind are great because they last forever, don't chip or splinter and don't get soft and lodge in their throats. 

The problem  is that there are no fancy pet supply stores in  northern Minnesota, I have to stock up at home and try to make them last all summer.

But last week I was at the grocery store and it occurred to me that there are farms everywhere and those fancy frozen bones were once part of a cow. I described what I was looking for and the butcher told me he'd check with the farmer and get back to me. He called me back a few days later to let me know that it would be .72 cents per pound. For a fraction of the cost I regularly spend, I walked away with 35 pounds of bones.

After four years of criticizing this small town and lamenting all of the things it doesn't have, it might have just won me over...

Industrial size pan of frozen bones for the babies...

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