Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Two weeks ago it was snowing and today was 80 and sunny- that's MN weather I guess.

I know it's summer because we got out the pool today. After playing with the ball, Griffin and Olivia were hot and panting, so I dug the pool and the hose out from under the deck and attempted to clean it out, except that two excited puppies kept banging into me, fighting for the hose and eventually we were all soaking wet and I gave up- they can have a dirty pool until it gets warm enough for me not to mind getting soaked.


  1. Griffin looks like he can't wait. Ozzie is afraid of the garden hose for some reason. Perhaps it reminds of going to the groomers for a bath! He would be laying back with Olivia!

  2. It hasn't gotten that warm yet here in the North East but I guess it will eventually! Ozzie freaks when we take the hose out! He probably thinks he is getting a bath! Enjoy Olivia and Griffin!