Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Bowl for a Big Ego

A few weeks ago, Griffin and Olivia got new food dishes. They are HEAVY ceramic and probably 9 inches across. Their old bowls moved around when they ate and it drove me crazy, so I was happy to find some that are heavy enough not to move. Buddha has a tiny matching set for water and food that sit in a little holder, preventing the movement issue his big cousins have.

Around the time we switched bowls, we also switched food. As we transitioned all of them to the new brand, my dogs didn't react to the change, but Buddha didn't seem to be enjoying the new food. Usually he eats just as fast and excitedly as if he was a bulldog, but he wasn't eating... well, that's not completely true. He ate the pieces that fell out of their bowls, and when we dumped his food on the floor, he ate all of it.

We discussed it and came up with a theory that perhaps he just doesn't like his tiny bowl. Buddha considers himself to be a big, tough, heavy bulldog, and perhaps the cute little puppy bowl was offending his ego. So this morning, Heather used one of the bulldogs old bowls for Buddha and sure enough, without hesitation, he ate all of his breakfast. A big bowl for a big dog (or a tiny dog with a big ego).

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  1. Yes Buddha, bulldog big is all in the attitude dude!