Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Change to the Brigade

 A change is in store for the Bulldog Brigade. 

Danny and Heather are buying a house and in May, Buddha will leave his life in the city and join the ranks of stuck up suburban puppies of swanky Woodbury (which is difficult to pronounce without a bit of British accent creeping into your voice). All three of them are very excited about this next stage of their life adventure. 

Olivia, Griffin and I have been at camp for a few weeks, but we've been keeping up to date with the other half of the Brigade and we are excited about the new house. But when we got home for a weekend visit this afternoon, we were a little surprised by how much Buddha has changed. 

Buddha's nose has been high in the air since we arrived home and it's obvious he is ready for his new life in the suburbs. 

As a (almost)  ritzy suburban dog, Buddha will now only eat caviar and Brie for dinner, washing it down with cognac (sipped out of his crystal dog dish). He follows dinner with an evening cigar. 

Buddha will only wear the finest silks and velvets- and (rumor has it) he's looking into purchasing a diamond studded collar. 

Buddha's new house has a fireplace and earlier today I saw him googling bear-skin rugs, "for entertaining guests" upon. 

Buddha's struggling relate to his cousins, both because they live in the city and because they have jobs. 

Buddha's new life will bring him to the finest dog parks, the latest and greatest toys and the most exotic bones (I heard that he's refusing anything cow related, preferring bones that come from the most endangered animals). 

 My hope is that once the newness and excitement calm down, Buddha's head will go back to normal size and he will be able to play with his cousins again. Until then, Buddha will probably spend most of his time prancing around, letting everyone know that he's going to be a suburban dog soon and starting every sentence with, "when I move to Woodbury..."

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  1. Oh Buddha are absolutely stunning in your smoking jacket.